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Welcome to Baby in Bloom!


"Bloom; a beautiful process of becoming"



Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Jamie, a certified community based doula with a passion for all things birth and baby. I'm so excited to begin my journey in helping families achieve the birth they want. 

A bit about me- I'm a Manteca/Lathrop native and my greatest accomplishment is being a Mom to 4 amazing kids. I also work part time pouring my love into other's sweet kiddos as a daycare assistant. I've been fascinated with the miraculous process of pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember. Mamas are rockstars! Each birth is unique and personal- no two are the same. It is absolutely magical and beautiful to witness new life come into this world, and a great honor to be present as the new parents bloom into a new version of themselves. Whether it's your first baby, last baby or somewhere in between, a mother is born right along side her baby. 

How I can support you


Doulas are trained to know the best positions for a birthing mama during various points of labor, how and where to apply pressure for pain relief, and other comfort measures too. As your doula, I will squeeze your hips, rub your back, hold your hand, breathe with you and remind you of how amazing you are


Birth doulas are trained on specific, evidence based information on pregnancy and childbirth in order to equip you with knowledge and skills you can apply to make informed decisions about your journey. As your doula, I will help you advocate for yourself and your desired birth outcome. Knowledge is power!


As your doula, I will support you in your moments of vulnerability and in your moments of strength. I will create space for your voice and wishes of how you want to birth on your terms. I will provide a calm and peaceful environment where I'm able to serve you with my hands and with my heart

Post Partum

As your doula, I will stick around for a bit after birth to make sure you're feeling good physically and emotionally. I can assist you with feeding, newborn care, tips and tricks for a smooth transition into the post partum stage. I will support you as much as you'd like via text/call for any questions you have or just an ear to listen. I will visit you at your home once you're settled in for further support

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